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5 Exciting Activities for Visually Impaired Seniors

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

Seniors with vision problems often find that it is hard to find activities that they enjoy. Here are some suggestions that Milwaukee at-home caregivers can pass along to the seniors that they look after. 

1. Pottery

Many seniors enjoy creating pottery even when they have poor vision. If the senior does not have a kiln, then look for at-home options that can be baked in your loved one’s oven. Glazes often have different textures, allowing seniors to feel differences and create things by touch.

2. Knitting

Different knitting stitches can be identified by the feel and location of the loop. Your loved one can also keep track of rows by using pennies or beans. Put one in a container each time a row is finished. Seniors who still have some sight may find that working with contrasting yarn is easier. Many nonprofits will gladly accept knitted projects such as hats or scarves, providing the loved senior with even more incentive to finish a project.

3. Crocheting

Like knitting, many seniors can feel the stitches, which allows them to still enjoy crocheting. Many seniors with compromised vision find it helpful to create projects using a larger hook. If the senior has never crocheted before, then suggest that he or she starts out with a small project before tackling larger ones.

4. Music

Many visually impaired seniors enjoy listening to music. They may find a favorite station on the radio, or live-in Milwaukee home caregivers can create stations for them on websites like Pandora or Spotify. Do not forget many seniors would love to go to a local concert at a local school or community center. Additionally, you will both enjoy the experience of spending time together.

5. Exercise 

Some seniors with poor vision can still enjoy exercising. Walking on a treadmill, riding a stationary bike or working out on a rowing machine helps seniors stay fit. Many machines can be controlled by voice, but they should always be supervised or accompanied by a trusted caregiver.

There are many activities that your visually impaired loved one can enjoy. Encourage them to stay active with help from Home Care Assistance. We provide flexible live-in and hourly elderly care Milwaukee seniors need to age in place with dignity, and we even provide specialized Alzheimer’s and post-stroke care for seniors with more specific needs. Call (262) 782-3383 today to learn more about our services and how we can customize them to benefit your loved one.

5 Fun Things for Visually Impaired Seniors to Do