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Top 5 Must-Have Gadgets for Seniors

By Rick Cohen, 1:14 pm on

A growing number of aging adults have begun to embrace high-tech gadgets. Joining the digital revolution is becoming an easier task for those entering their golden years as many of the latest devices, while more advanced, aren’t necessarily complex. We’re starting to seeour respected elders venture into a market dominated by younger customers, and at Milwaukee Home Care Assistance, we couldn’t be more excited!

For many families of aging parents or loved ones, common concerns often revolve around safety, health and overall quality of life at home. Fortunately, today’s technology offers a wide selection of easy-to-use gadgets, specifically designed to address these concerns.Check out this list of basic gadgets that are becoming popular additions to the households of baby boomers across the nation:

  1. Digital pill reminder. Senior studies report that one in four adults over the age of 65 take more than six pills a day. A simple digital pill reminder is a gadget that can be set to sound whenever a dosage is required. Easy to hear and program, this small gadget can help you or your aging loved one manage the daunting task of taking multiple medications.
  2. Emergency pendant. These small, even fashionable pendants can be a lifesaver in an emergency situation. With the push of a button, the police, fire department or other emergency personnel will be notified and arrive at the home. Both families and their loved ones can enjoy peace of mind knowing help is only minutes away.
  3. Electronic stovetop covers. These devices are simple cover plates which can be installed over existing stovetop burners. Electronically controlled, they limit how hot the burners can get and will automatically shut off once a certain temperature is reached. Eliminating concerns for severe burns and stovetop fires, you or your loved ones can have peace of mind while continuing to enjoy cooking.
  4. A game console. Yes, that’s right. Game consoles like Nintendo’s Wii are great for seniors, promoting exercise in a fun way by keeping you or your loved one moving and stretching. The games are also challenging enough to keep the mind sharp, and many haveproven beneficial for seniors who require specialtyAlzheimer’s care in Milwaukee.
  5. Tablets. For many, tablets and iPad’s have become an easier, more portable version of a computer in which you or your aging parent can read the latest news, watch videos and video chat with their loved ones. Not to mention, many of the games provide cognitive benefitsand when played with others, offer additional fun while providing a means for your loved one to interact with friends, family and grandchildren.

Specializing in in-home assisted living in Milwaukee, we’re always looking for new and novel ways to help our clients maintain their independence, health and happiness at home. We are always more than happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with information about how our highly-qualified and caring caregivers can help make a positive difference in your life or the life of your aging loved one.For more senior safety tips or to learn about our home care services, reach out to a Care Manager today and schedule a complimentary in-home assessment.

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