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Tips for Spring Break Traveling with Seniors

By Rick Cohen, 8:00 am on

Spring brings warmer temperatures that make it the ideal time to go for a family getaway. Today, many families choose to bring along the older adults in their family so that everyone can enjoy a relaxing vacation. If you will be traveling with a senior adult this spring break, the caregivers from Home Care Assistance of Milwaukee share the following strategies so that you can ensure the safety and comfort of your loved one.

Research Your Destination

Popular spring break locations can range from being crowded with wild college kids to being family-friendly, so be sure to do your research. When doing so, check into features of your travel arrangements, entertainment venues and lodging to make sure they can accommodate any of your loved one’s special needs. For example, a senior who struggles with mobility may need transportation even if your dinner reservations are within walking distance.

Practice Strict Medication Management

When you are in the midst of family fun, it is easy to overlook medication times or mix up dosages. Guard against mishaps by setting an alarm for medication times, or appoint one member of the family to be responsible for reminding your loved one. Additionally, make sure to bring copies of all prescriptions and physician directives. This will help as you go through airport security and ensure that you have a back up plan for replacing medications should they be lost.

Arrange for Additional Assistance

Traveling with a senior loved one will be easier for everyone if you have made arrangements for additional support. Check with your transportation company to find out how they can assist with wheelchairs and other mobility devices. For example, many airlines will help carry luggage or push a wheelchair if the request is made at the time of the reservation. Many families also find that bringing along a professional companion or live-in caregiver can allow other members of the family to explore their spring break location while their loved one is entertained.

With a few simple preparations, your family vacation can be made to accommodate everyone’s needs and interests so that you can create a lasting memory. To learn more about professional caregiver accompaniment for family vacations, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Milwaukee today. We proudly provide home care Milwaukee families trust, with caregivers available for help at home and for travel. Call us today at 414-964-8000 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

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