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Starting a New Career During Retirement

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

Retirement can be a great time to travel and embrace hobbies and interests. If you have a need to supplement your income or just have a desire to explore other career options you previously kept on the back burner, there are steps you can take to launch a post-retirement career after sixty-five. Here are a few tips to get started, presented by Milwaukee Home Care Assistance.

Assess Your Strengths

Take a moment to assess your core strengths and determine what skills you may need to improve upon beyond your current experience and knowledge. For instance, if you’re a little rusty with computer skills, consider taking a course at a local community college or using online tutorials.

Tip: has several handy self-assessment tools you can use to further narrow down your post-retirement career opportunities.

Get Connected

If you haven’t done so already, get social and follow people already in your field on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also get up to speed on current trends by:

• Following or contributing to blogs in your profession
• Creating Google news alerts with industry-specific terms
• Subscribing to relevant newsletters and social media feeds

Start Networking

Use services like to join groups related to your intended new field and attend related networking events. While initial contact can be made online, in-person meetings with people within your network are still an effective way to gain industry insights and get tips about possible opportunities.

Volunteer or Seek Out Internships

If you’re sticking with something related to your previous profession, inquire about volunteer positions. Internships, which aren’t restricted to college students only, can be a great way to get a foot in the door.

Launching an encore career can take time. Be prepared to initiate and nurture professional relationships and connections, reach out for support from fellow later-in-life job-seekers, and seek out opportunities that can serve as stepping stones towards the career you’re actually seeking.

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Tips for Starting a New Career After 65