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Best Smartphone Apps for Senior Health

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

These days, the image of the technology illiterate senior is largely false. More and more seniors are connected and rely on their smartphones for everything from recipes to conversations with family members. But have you thought of helping your loved one monitor his or her health with smartphone apps? Here are five apps recommended by Milwaukee elder care professionals to get you started.

1. MedWatcher

Created in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration, this free iTunes app provides safety alerts for medical devices and prescriptions. Your loved one can also track side effects of the drugs he or she is taking and report adverse experiences directly to the FDA. 

2. Luminosity Brain Trainer

Free for iPhone and Android, this fun app features clinically tested brain-teasing games designed to strengthen memory, problem solving, attention, and cognitive flexibility. And clinical research shows that exercising the brain can help stave off functional decline.

3. Urgent Care

If your loved one isn’t feeling well, he or she can plug symptoms into this app, which then facilitates a phone call with a registered nurse. The nurse evaluates the symptoms and determines whether the caller should see a physician. The app is free to download, and each call costs $3.99.

4. ReSound

If your family member wears a hearing aid, this app allows him or her to adjust the aid’s settings directly from any connected smartphone. He or she can easily make changes to the device’s volume, treble, or bass without removing the aid, as well as activate a setting that helps locate the hearing aid within the home. 

5. Red Panic Button

If your loved one lives alone, this app can offer some peace of mind. With a simple press of a button, the app activates preprogrammed medical contacts in the event of a fall, illness, or other emergency. These contacts will receive an email and text messages with the GPS coordinates of your family member.

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5 Smartphone Apps That Promote Elderly Health