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The Importance of Sleep for Caregivers

By Rick Cohen, 8:54 pm on

The importance of sleep is often overlooked by caregivers who may be tempted to skimp on their hours of rest so that they can accomplish all of their daily tasks. Additionally, those who provide overnight care to a loved one may find that frequent interruptions throughout the night contribute to increased fatigue during the day. While it may seem selfish to place sleep at the top of one’s priority list, getting the appropriate amount of rest will enable a caregiver to provide the best possible care to their loved one.

When providing home care for mom or dad, many caregivers attribute fatigue and other signs of sleep deprivation to the stress that accompanies caring for their loved one. However, many of these physical and mental symptoms disappear once a caregiver is able to get enough rest. Daytime sleepiness, confusion and forgetfulness are several signs of sleep deprivation that can interfere with one’s ability to provide quality care. Additionally, caregivers who drive their loved ones to appointments should be aware of the dangers associated with driving while fatigued.

While it may not always be possible to adhere to a strict sleeping schedule, having a regular routine for bedtime can help caregivers to prepare their bodies for sleep. Those who find time to exercise during the day are also more likely to be able to fall asleep at night. Caregivers who struggle with balancing multiple responsibilities may also benefit from having a professional Milwaukee caregiver who can take over when sleep deprivation becomes a concern. Sometimes, a few hours of respite are all it takes to enable a family caregiver to sleep without worrying about their loved ones needs. Then, they can return to their duties with a rested body and clearer mental outlook that will benefit their loved one through enhanced care.

If you provide care for an aging parent or loved one, consider respite care from Home Care Assistance of Milwaukee. Care is available on an hourly, overnight or 24-hour basis and can help family caregivers enjoy time away from their caregiving responsibilities. In your absence, you can rest assured that a professional, highly trained and compassionate caregiver is always by your loved one’s side. To learn more about hourly or live-in senior care in Milwaukee, contact a Care Manager at 414-964-8000 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

Don't Sacrifice Your Own Sleep as a Family Caregiver