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Top Gadgets for Senior Stroke Survivors

By Rick Cohen, 8:00 am on

Seniors who survive a stroke often have lingering difficulties with mobility. While professional caregivers can certainly provide much-appreciated assistance, many senior stroke survivors want to retain as much independence as possible. A happy medium can often be achieved by helping your loved one choose some gadgets that are likely to make life easier.

Mobility Gadgets

Paralysis is a common side effect of stroke. If your loved one experiences partial paralysis on one side of his or her body, mobility gadgets can provide support while navigating the home. Of course, prior to using these gadgets, assess the home for trip hazards and remove all clutter to create clear walkways from one room to another.

  • Quad Canes – Canes with four contact points of contact at the base to increase stability (also remains stationary when let go)
  • Pilot Rolling Cane – Unique cane with both wheels, brakes and lower handles along the staff (use getting up from a sitting position)
  • Step-Smart – Low-profile brace designed to mimic foot and ankle movements

Bathing and Hygiene Gadgets

Depending on your loved one’s level of mobility after a stroke, simple activities related to personal care may be difficult or impossible to complete. To ensure total safety, consider hiring a part-time Milwaukee caregiver who can assist with safe bathing and dressing as well as the following aids:

  • Bath or shower chair – Allows for easier bathing while retaining privacy
  • Suction grip handles – Portable handles that can be placed anywhere assistance is needed to get up and conveniently moved as necessary

Gripping Gadgets

The following activities can help make simple daily activities more manageable if a stroke has affected a senior’s fine motor skills and ability to grasp or grip smaller items.

  • Steady Hand – Magnetic pen or pencil holder that makes gripping easier
  • Large grip toothbrushes – Toothbrushes with easy-grip handles

Dining/Eating Gadgets

Similar to gripping gadgets, the items listed below help seniors who experience a change in fine motor skills and can provide seniors with more ease and comfort as they enjoy meals:

  • Bedside beverage holder – Holder that can be placed on bed rail so bedridden seniors can access water or other beverages
  • High-sided dish – Dish with higher sides to prevent spills
  • Suction plates/bowls – Adheres to the table to prevent movement while eating

Tech Gadgets

  • SmartNav 4 AT – Hands-free mouse that’s controlled with head movements
  • Sights ‘n Sounds – Speech therapy software that helps with pronounciation and word retrieval
  • Go Talk Communicator 9+ – Holds up to 45 messages to assist senior stroke survivors unable to speak (requires accompanying software)

If you’re not sure where to start, consider making a list of your loved one’s regular activities while noting any difficulties they’re likely to encounter. Base your selections on their level of comprehension, mobility and overall capabilities following a stroke.

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Top Gadgets for Senior Stroke Survivors