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4 Books for Seniors to Read During Retirement

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

Retirement presents many wonderful opportunities for seniors. It’s also a time when some careful planning is needed to ease financial burdens and address other concerns often associated with starting a new chapter in life. In addition to seeking input from other retirees and scheduling an appointment with a financial advisor, seniors can gain valuable retirement insights by checking out some useful books.

Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life

by Bart Astor

For seniors just getting ready to retire, this AARP book is a handy guide for sorting out priorities and making important decisions. It covers a variety of topics about all aspects of life during retirement, including:

  • Asking doctors about a change in prescriptions
  • Talking to adult kids about final arrangements and other life matters
  • Whether or not it makes sense to age in place or adjust living arrangements appropriately

How to Retire Happy

by Stan Hinden

While retirement is supposed to a happy time for seniors, unexpected expenses and other worries can add some unanticipated stress to the golden years. This best-selling book covers 12 essential decisions seniors should make to increase their odds of enjoying a satisfying retirement.

How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free

by Ernie Zelinski

Written by a life coach, this book can help seniors set retirement goals and find new, productive interests. Put together in a way that’s easy and fun to read, it also gives retirees some ideas for how to explore new opportunities, and ward off the boredom that sometimes prevents seniors from truly enjoying retirement.

Can I Retire?

by Mike Piper

This quick 100-page read can help seniors deal with the financial aspects of retirement. In plain-speak, it provides helpful tips on how much money should be set aside for retirement and what financial choices seniors will need to make before retiring.

Many seniors continue to live independently after retirement, but sometimes find they could use a little help with everyday activities like transportation, grocery shopping, and meal preparation. If this sounds like you or an aging relative, don’t hesitate to call Home Care Assistance at (262) 782-3383. Our expertly trained caregivers in Milwaukee can help seniors with a variety of tasks and ensure they remain safe and healthy in the comfort of home. Reach out today!

4 Books Worth Reading During Retirement