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Preparing a Senior Loved One for Knee Surgery

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

Preparations for any type of surgery not immediately necessary, as is often the case with knee surgery not involving a serious injury, should start once a date for the procedure has been set. There are steps that can also be taken to provide your senior loved one with some much-appreciated peace of mind as he or she prepares on a practical and emotional level for knee surgery.

Help Them Understand Their Surgery

While the doctor likely explained the procedure in detail, your loved one may not fully understand what’s involved with the surgery, which can cause added stress that’s not good to have before an operation. Consider the following steps to further increase his or her comfort level:

• Researching the type of knee surgery (so you can explain it in a way that’s easy understand)
• Writing down questions you or your loved one have about the procedure (schedule an additional appointment before the surgery, if necessary, to ensure that all questions are answered)
• Reassuring him or her that you’ll be there before and after the surgery

Make Clear Plans for the Recovery Period

Unless your loved one is having a simple outpatient procedure, there’s likely to be some recovery time following knee surgery, especially for something like knee replacement surgery. Develop a clear understanding of what care your loved one is likely to need. If there are no family members that can provide extra care, for instance, consider either hiring an hourly or live-in caregiver in Milwaukee to make home visits or making arrangements for a brief stay at an assisted living facility during recovery.

Help Them Develop Realistic Expectations

Any type of surgery involves both physical and mental preparations, and your loved one’s doctor may not be aware of any added concerns he or she has before surgery. Take some time to discuss the knee surgery with your loved one, clearly explaining the following:

• How long recovery is expected to take
• What limitations he or she will likely have during recovery
• What rehabilitation will involve (for more extensive knee surgery)

From the initial procedure through recovery, any type of knee surgery is going to have its ups and downs. While there are no guarantees with such procedures, being as prepared as possible before hand can help your senior loved increase their comfort level before and after their knee surgery.

To take your loved one’s comfort a step further, turn to the dedicated staff at Milwaukee Home Care Assistance. Our trusted and trained caregivers can be present at the hospital during discharge to ensure a smooth transition home and can help with a variety of daily tasks, including cooking, cleaning, and mobility support, to foster a safe and efficient recovery. For more information, please call (262) 782-3383 and request a complimentary in-home consultation.

How to Help Elderly Prepare for Knee Surgery