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Post-Heart Attack Care for Seniors & Older Adults

By Rick Cohen, 8:00 am on

After a heart attack, it will be necessary for seniors and their loved ones to prepare for a few lifestyle changes that will prevent a recurrence and offer the best chances for a successful recovery. While it can be frightening to return home after a heart attack, seniors can expect to continue living a full life while making these simple modifications.

  • Plan for a Heart-Healthy Diet – Once a person has experienced a heart attack, their medical team will likely recommend following a diet plan that will reduce the risks associated with cardiovascular disease. This plan should be low in cholesterol and simple carbohydrates. Instead of processed convenience foods, seniors will need to eat a variety of complex grains, vegetables and increase their intake of calcium and potassium.
  • Create a Medication Schedule – Medications are often prescribed following a heart attack to reduce the chance of clots and lower cholesterol. Seniors and their caregivers should know the names of each medication, their associated side effects and create a schedule that the senior can follow. Those who struggle with taking medication on time may need the assistance of a professional and trained Milwaukee caregiver who can assist with medication reminders.
  • Establish a Plan for Daily Care – Upon returning home, most seniors will be able to tend to their basic needs such as getting dressed; however, there may be some restrictions in place regarding lifting heavy objects, climbing stairs and driving. If a senior expects to encounter challenges regarding their daily routine, then it may be necessary to arrange for someone to visit each day to tend to their needs. Click here to learn more about in-home assisted living in Milwaukee.
  • Cultivate Healthy Habits – Seniors often focus on the things they will have to give up after a heart attack; however, it is more beneficial to focus on the lifestyle changes that can enhance a senior’s life. Reducing stress can be achieved by spending time in nature or with loved ones doing social activities. Smokers will need to quit, yet they can look forward to enjoying the fresh air outdoors during an after-dinner walk. When seniors embrace their new opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle, they can expect the best possible recovery following a heart attack.

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Lifestyle Modifications for Seniors after a Heart Attack