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The Correlation between Positive Thinking and Longer Life Expectancy

By Rick Cohen, 10:23 pm on

Most will agree that choosing to be optimistic comes with personal benefits. For seniors, it may mean adding additional years to one’s life expectancy. According to research studies, seniors who live day in and day out with a positive attitude actually live longer. Today, Milwaukee Home Care Assistance is going to explore some of the possible reasons for this phenomenon.

To begin with, seniors who regularly engage in positive thinking habitually shift their focus onto what is good despite current circumstances. That means that no matter what the situation looks like, they strive to remain hopeful, appreciative and content. It’s this way of thinking that makes the development of depression less likely. Additionally, these positive seniors are more ready to take on challenges and are more likely to stay active to avoid idleness.

Seniors who practice this way of thinking are also less likely to worry about the future outcomes of their physical conditions, family issues, etc. They also tend to be more reliant upon their faith. This creates a less stressful environment for themselves. And because high stress levels are a major contributor of a number of medical conditions, they are actively combating high blood pressure, digestive problems, certain cancers and psychological disorders.

It’s important for seniors to have a positive outlook on the aging process as it can contribute to longevity as well. Instead of looking at getting older as a negative thing, seniors can recognize and appreciate having wisdom that only comes from old age, first-hand knowledge of historical events and a deeper sense of self. The senior with a positive attitude can feel completely satisfied with personal accomplishments, sharing their legacy with their growing family. This perspective can be an aid during medical treatment, help the healing process and make life more enjoyable.

For family caregivers, you can encourage the aging adult in your life to be optimistic by modeling positive thinking. Do your best to stay optimistic and patient in all situations – as difficult as some may be – and don’t be afraid to lessen your burden of stress by reaching out to others for help with caregiving. Rely on your friends, family and professional caregivers in Milwaukee for respite, and take the break you need and deserve.

For more information on how to cope with your role as a caregiver, reach out to Home Care Assistance. As a leading provider of Milwaukee senior care, we have a team of highly trained and compassionate caregivers and Care Managers who can support you as you care for your aging parent, grandparent or loved one. Request free information or a complimentary no-obligation consultation today by calling us at 414-964-8000 – we’re here to help 24/7.

The Correlation between Positive Thinking and Longer Life Expectancy | Home Care Assistance of Brookfield