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New Year’s Goals for Senior Citizens

By Rick Cohen, 8:00 am on

The New Year represents a time of renewal; a time when it is easier to generate the motivation to get back on track with setting and reaching one’s goals. As the New Year approaches, now is the perfect time for seniors to set some resolutions that will help promote health, happiness and longevity in the upcoming year. Here are a few ideas that will serve as inspiration for seniors who want to get a jumpstart on setting their resolutions, ensuring they can reap the benefits in 2014.

  • Increase Daily Movement
    Exercise is essential for senior health, yet many people overlook the benefits of simply increasing one’s level of daily activity. Short walks, a visit to the store or even doing a few chair exercises can all add up to improved health. For those who need assistance, a highly-trained home caregiver can help seniors set up a floor plan or activity area where they can move easily without the fear of falling.
  • Learn a New Skill
    A person should never stop learning, and many seniors are happy to discover that retirement offers more time to learn new skills. Keep that youthful exuberance by exploring new hobbies that provide a challenge, as well as a sense of enjoyment. Whether a person enjoys learning more about botany or woodworking, they will increase their happiness, while stimulating the mind to promote cognitive health.
  • Spend More Time with Loved Ones
    Social interaction is an important element of a senior’s day that can promote happiness and increase longevity. Today, seniors have many options that can make it easier to keep this resolution. Online video chats can put seniors in touch with long-distance friends and relatives and can even be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s couch or bed. Other great ways to stay in touch with relatives is by scheduling weekly calls or lunch dates. Although small, the scheduled interaction is a great way for seniors to stay engaged in their golden years.

As the New Year begins, everyone will be setting new resolutions to make this year better than the last. This year, seniors can continue their journey toward self-improvement by setting goals that focus on keeping them connected with their loved ones as they explore new opportunities to engage in learning and physical activity that will renew their spirit and body.

If your aging loved one needs additional assistance with planning or carrying out their 2014 New Year’s resolutions, contact Home Care Assistance today. As provider of hourly and live-in care in Milwaukee, families rely on us for quality and compassionate care for their aging loved ones. For more information or to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, contact a devoted Care Manager today at 414-964-8000.

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