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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Elderly Loved One

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

In order for seniors to have fun this Halloween, they need to look their best. Milwaukee senior home care agencies can recommend a few creative costumes that seniors can sport this year. Fortunately, they’re also fairly easy to make with the help of a trusted home caregiver.

Morton Salt Girl

Have your loved one shake things up by dressing as the Morton Salt girl for a classic and iconic Halloween costume that can keep seniors comfortable throughout the night. The costume is easy to recognize by kids and adults and won’t require a lot of materials to look the part. Purchase a yellow dress, some white tights and complete the costume with a pair of yellow flats. Seniors will need to hold an umbrella and a container of Morton Salt to complete the look. 

Starbucks Drink

Dress your loved one up as his or her favorite beverage by sewing or pinning a large printout of a Starbucks logo onto a tan dress. Add extra detail by placing a white feather boa on your loved one’s head, which will resemble whipped cream. You can even use some gold ribbon to emulate caramel drizzle on top of the boa. Make a green straw headband to top it off and your loved one will look like a fresh cup of Starbucks coffee.

Workout Barbie

Senior women can have a few laughs and reuse their aerobic clothing by dressing as a classic workout Barbie doll. Use a black bathing suit and pair it with pink tights, a pink head sweatband, and a pair of tennis shoes with leggings. Your loved one can also wear oversized white earrings that will make her look like she stepped out of the ’80s. She can even carry a few weights around as an extra accessory to complete the ensemble.

Spice Rack

Men or women who want to push the edge with their Halloween costume can make an easy DIY outfit that will guarantee a laugh. Simply use an oversized bra to wear on the outside of your loved one’s clothing and fill it with different types of spices from the kitchen. He or she make plenty of people laugh and will also have a large selection of spices to use on his or her food during the day.

Table Grapes

Seniors who enjoy fruit and want an easy DIY costume can go as a bundle of table grapes. They can dress up as red, purple, or green grapes and use balloons to pin to their clothing. All they need is a shirt and pants that match the color of the balloons and top it off with a leaf headband, which can be made with greenery from the yard.

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Creative DIY Costumes for Seniors to Make