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Will I Always Have the Same Caregiver?

Will I Always Have the Same Caregiver?

When first researching home care agencies in Milwaukee, many seniors and their families ask if they will always have the same caregiver. Additionally, they wonder what will happen on the days that their caregiver is sick or on vacation. These are very important questions as research has proven that continuity of care is essential to a successful senior care program.

When a senior receives quality care and assistance at home, they begin to form a relationship with their caregiver that is built upon mutual trust and respect. It is essential for these qualities to exist between a senior and their caregiver so that they can interact well on a daily basis as a senior’s needs are being cared for so that they will be comfortable and healthy. Because the relationship between a senior and their caregiver is so important, a primary caregiver is assigned to ensure consistency in care.

However, it is not always possible for a person to be the sole caregiver to a senior. This is especially true for seniors who require around the clock care or who have severe disabilities. In the event that the primary caregiver is sick or on vacation, a secondary caregiver is assigned to assume responsibilities.

When a primary and secondary caregiver is providing services to a senior, communication is essential for success in a senior care program. Therefore, caregivers will share information among the staff regarding a senior’s health conditions, medications and personal needs. Often, a log sheet or notebook can be left at a senior’s residence in which family members and caregivers can write down any important information that can be helpful to others.

Even when a senior frequently has the same caregiver, it is important for them to be familiar with the entire caregiver team. In many cases, the primary caregiver provides care five days out of the week and the secondary provides care the remaining days. This way, when a caregiver has an unexpected day off, a senior will not experience a lapse in their care.

A quality elder care agency will always do their best to anticipate the needs of their senior clients. Therefore, they will be more than willing to allow a senior to meet other potential caregivers so that they will be prepared in the event of a new one arriving at their residence. When a senior citizen has a team of professionals who work with other staff and family members well, then seniors will benefit from the continuity of care that is provided in a quality senior care program.

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