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What are My Rights as an In-Home Care Patient?

What are My Rights as an In-Home Care Patient?

Home care patients have the right to many different things while under the care of an in-home care professional. Many people who require assistance in their own home do not realize that their rights as a patient are extensive and are enforceable by law. Rights of Milwaukee home care patients include, but are not limited to the right to choose their own care providers and to make sure that caregivers are professional in appearance and attitude, to receive correspondence from care providers within a reasonable amount of time and to be assigned a worker that has the proper training and ability to carry out the discussed care.

In-home care patients also have the right to ask and learn about the procedures that are being performed on them, to be treated with continuous care until either an escalation of treatment or resolution of treatment is decided upon. Patients are also able to reject or refuse any treatments that they do not consent to or wish to receive. If a patient has an advance directive or a living will, final wishes have to be adhered to by everyone.

Milwaukee elder care patients are entitled to learn about their insurance or the charges incurred by any services rendered before the caregiver can administer any care. If a facility is unable to provide the right type of care for a patient at any time, a patient is legally able to receive a referral to another facility that can adequately care for their individual needs.

Any patient that does not feel that their rights are being respected is legally entitled to explain their complaints to the supervisor of the care giving company and a proper file must be kept of such grievances. If there is a caregiver sent to your house, you should be informed of what to do in the case of any type of emergency or disaster.

In-home hospice care patients are entitled to the same rights and even more due to the delicate nature of their condition. Hospice care patients are entitled to hear all of their options for care in advance and to choose what is to be done or not to be done if they are able, choose their providers of home care based on their ethical history, to be notified of any equipment that is or isn’t covered by their health care plan and are allowed to sign a DNR notice or right to refuse care form if applicable. These and many more are the rights of any in-home care patient in the United States.

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