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Will My Parents be Happy with Home Care?

Will My Parents be Happy with Home Care?

The decision to place an aging family member in an in-home assisted living program can be very overwhelming. Finding a suitable caregiver can be both difficult and time-consuming, because we all want the best for our family. When making this decision, it is important to discuss a person’s in-home care with them prior to making the final evaluation about their caregivers. If at all possible, allowing your family member to make some of the decisions about their own care is ideal.

Most people are agreeable to letting someone drive them to run errands or to accompany them to doctor appointments, but when it comes to more personal care, such as bathroom duties or helping them get dressed, many seniors are resistant to accepting help. It is hard to allow a family member to do these things for you, but when it is a complete stranger, it is even harder. It is important that the caregiver you hire treats your loved one with dignity and respect to help them feel most comfortable in the situation.

The most desirable way to introduce a family member into the idea of senior care is to do it slowly. Caregivers should be compassionate and caring, but not invasive. A very distinct line should be made regarding where your parents’ boundaries are with a caregiver. If your parents decide to stay in their own home rather than moving to an assisted living facility, the decision to hire help for them should be a smooth one, without any inconsistencies.

A slow, gradual transition into home care is the best way to make sure that your family member is comfortable and able to live their life as closely to how they want to live it. Make sure that all caregivers are able to pass background checks and that they have the credentials necessary to provide optimal care for your parents. Make sure that the comfort and professional care of your parents is the priority of the care provider. Confidentiality and trust are also very important parts of having a caregiver to help with everyday activities.

Whether your parents are scared about a stranger coming into their home or embarrassed about needing personal care, their apprehension can be eased by getting to know a home care provider before committing to having them in their home.

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