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Keeping Your Brain Young in Your Golden Years

By Rick Cohen, 1:35 pm on

As we age and look forward to longer life expectancies than past generations, we strive to age with good health. At Milwaukee Home Care Assistance, we are committed to helping our clients attain this goal, offering customized home care services that focus on more than physical abilities, but mental functioning, as well. We know that a critical component to remaining happy with age is keeping your brain as young as you feel! As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways you or your aging parent or loved one can keep their brain active and healthy in their golden years:

Exercising and Proper Nutrition – Proper nutrition and exercise can dramatically improve the brain’s function. By engaging in age appropriate exercise and focusing on a nutritious diet, you or your beloved parent or loved one can help prevent the loss of memory and cognitive skills. However, we want to ensure safety at all times, so seniors should always consult with a healthcare professional before entering into a new exercise program in order to ensure that it is both safe and appropriate.

Reading and Writing – Reading and writing can help stimulate and exercise a senior’s brain. Whether it is reading a newspaper every day or writing emails to family and friends, these things can be just as important to the senior’s brain as a program of exercise is to his or her muscles.  And not only that, these activities may help keep you or your elderly loved onemore closely connected to family and friends!

Remaining Socially Engaged – One of the worst things you or your aging parent or loved onecan do is to become socially disengaged. Not only can isolation contribute to the loss of mental function, but it can also lead to depression and other emotional problems. By joining hobby groups or simply remaining engaged with neighbors, you or your loved one can enjoy the mental stimulation that is so important to the brain’s long-term health. You and your loved ones can also look to Milwaukee home health care providers for companionship services to help ensure all needs are being met with a caring, experienced and highly-qualified caregiver.

Developing New Hobbies – A major part of keeping the brain active is to continually challenge it with new things. Developing new hobbies can help expose a senior’s brain to changing events that will help maintain its cognitive capabilities. In addition, hobbies can also help you or your parent(s) remain socially active as they develop a larger circle of friends while also having fun and doing activities they enjoy.

Working with Healthcare Providers – Remaining in contact with a senior’s healthcare provider can be an excellent way to avoid any loss in his or her brain’s function. Discussing memory lapses or other symptoms and concerns can let the doctor know about potentially dangerous changes. Most importantly, the physician is in an excellent position to recommend individualized treatments to help maintain the senior’s mental capabilities, in turn, giving you peace of mind that you or your loved one’s health and well-being are kept a top priority.

Want to learn more about senior health and wellness? Contact Home Care Assistance of Milwaukee today. As the experts in senior care in Milwaukee, we continually stay up to date on the latest senior care trends, news and developments, and we are more than happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with information about our home care services.

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