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Easy Ways to Add Physical Activity to Your Day

By Rick Cohen, 8:00 am on

Staying physically active is important for everyone and especially for seniors who can benefit from the increased stamina and strength that is developed through regular movement. While many people associate increased physical activity with rigorous exercise, the truth is that there are several simple ways to enjoy the health benefits of regular movement.  Try implementing these three strategies into your daily routine and add physical activity to your day.

  1. Increase Your Steps
    Walking is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that can be included in anyone’s daily routine.  Just by simply finding ways to increase the amount of steps you take each day can help maximize its health benefits.  To help increase the amount of steps you take each day, try parking further away from the grocery store entrance or take an extra lap around the mall.  Over time, these small changes will add up to increased exercise and greater endurance for you or your loved one.
  2. Burn Calories While Cleaning
    Anyone who has ever deep cleaned their house knows that housekeeping can take up some serious energy. Not only will vacuuming floors and scrubbing down countertops keep your house ready for company, but all of that reaching and scrubbing can help you to burn calories while boosting your muscular strength. Do you have certain health conditions that make completing some daily tasks difficult?Learn more about caregivers in Milwaukee and receive assistance with activities of daily living on an as needed basis.
  3. Strike a Pose
    Simple yoga poses and chair stretches can be done in a matter of minutes, yet they can have a tremendous impact upon your flexibility and strength. During spare moments, or even while waiting at an appointment, strike your favorite yoga pose or do a few leg stretches. You will instantly feel revitalized while squeezing in a few more mini-workouts throughout a busy day.

Enjoy a renewed sense of well-being that comes from increasing your stamina and muscular strength through simple daily exercises! If you would like more information on senior health and wellness, visit or contact a devoted Care Manager directly at 414-964-8000.
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