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5 Ways Seniors Can Maintain Eyesight

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

Seniors who were fortunate enough to enjoy good eyesight during their youth may be surprised to find that their vision will change as they get older. While some vision changes are inevitable, Milwaukee elderly care professionals offer several things you can do today to ensure you see clearly in the future.

1. Eat for Eye Health

The connection between your mouth and eyes is profound since proper nutrition is critical for your vision. Beta-carotene, or vitamin A, helps with night vision, and you can find this nutrient in carrots and other yellow or orange plants. Your eyes also need plenty of fatty omega-3s, which can be found in foods such as salmon and avocados.

2. Stay Fit

Your overall physical fitness affects your eyes, and getting your blood flowing every day will ensure that oxygen-rich blood gets to your peepers. Make sure to include physical activity in your daily regimen. This is especially important for seniors with health conditions that can affect their eyes such as diabetes.

3. Take Technology Breaks

Smartphones and computers make it easier for seniors to stay connected with their loved ones and enjoy some entertainment. Yet, staring at a bright screen can cause eyestrain and dryness. During prolonged periods of computer use, look away from the screen every ten minutes. You can also do simple eye exercises, such as looking left and right, to reduce the incidence of eyestrain.

4. Reduce Injury Risks

If you work or play outdoors, then you should always be wearing sunglasses with UV protection. This will reduce your risk of eye cancer along with other potential causes of vision loss. When possible, avoid standing in the direct sun, and you can double your protection by using hats and sunshades.

5. Get to Know Your Eye Doctor

Skipping eye appointments might have led to no harm in your youth, but they become essential as you get older. This is because most eye diseases develop slowly and are symptom-free until they reach severe levels. Your eye doctor, however, can use special equipment that can detect conditions such as glaucoma early enough for treatment to be effective. By working together with your eye doctor, you can prevent the most common causes of vision loss.

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Senior Health: 5 Tips to Prevent Vision Loss