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Helping an Aging Parent or Loved One Overcome Grief

By Rick Cohen, 8:00 am on

At Home Care Assistance of Milwaukee, WI, we know that losing a loved one is difficult at any stage of life, yet senior adults are often hit the hardest by feelings of grief. During the senior years, older adults often lose several loved ones during a short period of time, and they may already be struggling with feelings of depression or isolation that can intensify their emotional response. Although watching a loved one go through the grieving process can be painful, there are many ways to help them overcome their feelings of loss.

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Listening is one of the most effective ways to help anyone who is struggling with grief. Encourage your loved one to share memories about the person they have lost. When doing so, remember not to pressure your loved one if they are not ready to talk through their grief, and always focus on the positive memories of their cherished friend or family member. Creating a memory box or scrapbook can also provide a tangible way for your loved one to cope with their grief.

Make Sure Their Physical Needs are Met

A loss of appetite, fatigue and a lack of motivation to exercise are common symptoms that accompany grief. Yet, it is important for seniors to keep up their physical health so that they have the strength to work through their emotions. When you visit with or talk to your loved one, make sure they are eating nutritious meals and staying on track with their exercise and medication schedules. If necessary, arrange for a professional hourly caregiver in Milwaukee to assist with meal preparation or medication management while they move through the grieving process.

Surround Them with Support

After losing a loved one, seniors often worry about becoming isolated from their family and friends. This is especially true for older adults who have lost a spouse or close friend. Be sure to help your loved one to find ways to fill in the gaps that have been left after their loss. For example, plan to share a meal together once a week if they used to have a regular lunch date with their friend. Additionally, phone calls and regular visits to their home can go a long way toward helping your loved one overcome their grief and regain their positive outlook on life.

If your aging parent or loved one has recently lost a loved one and needs extra support, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Milwaukee. Our caregivers are not only professional and highly trained, they are compassionate individuals who can provide assistance with household chores, emotional support, and a listening ear. While we specialize in Milwaukee live-in care, we also provide hourly care on an as-needed basis, allowing seniors to choose the level of care they need. For more information about our in-home care services, call 414-964-8000 and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable Care Manager today.

Helping an Aging Parent or Loved One Overcome Grief