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Are Calcium Supplements Damaging to the Heart?

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

Calcium is an essential nutrient that maintains bone health. This mineral is abundant in common foods such as vegetables, dairy, seafood and legumes. However, many adults still choose to take calcium supplements in order to maintain or improve their skeletal systems. The following article explains why Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at-home care providers advise against it.

According to a recent study that was conducted by John Hopkins Medicine, calcium supplements have been blamed for various types of heart problems. More specifically, the supplements can cause plaque to build up in the arteries and cause cardiovascular events. Even worse, calcium supplements can increase the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure and strokes.

It took exactly a decade for John Hopkins Medicine to complete its extensive study on calcium supplements. More than 2,700 adults were analyzed during this lengthy process. Extensive medical tests were used to determine the effects of calcium on the participants. Of course, blood tests provided plenty of insight on the overall health of the people who took part in the study. The researchers at John Hopkins Medicine concluded that calcium supplements can be very harmful to the cardiovascular system. This mineral tends to get deposited in the form of plaque in some of the largest blood vessels such as the aorta, which can seriously damage the circulatory system. 

Elderly individuals are naturally at a high risk of developing heart complications from an excessive consumption of dietary supplements that include calcium. A failing urinary system can be blamed for making a person more vulnerable to calcium accumulation in the arteries. If the kidneys don’t function normally, then this mineral will simply settle down in blood vessels and increase the risk of stroke or the need for post-stroke home care in Wisconsin. The main reason that adults take calcium supplements is to manage arthritis or osteoporosis. According to the FDA and other dietary guidelines, it’s highly recommended that people with such problems to rely on natural sources of calcium. Supermarkets are stocked with relatively inexpensive foods and beverages that have plenty of calcium in a natural and safe form.

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Do Calcium Supplements Hurt the Heart?