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Finding and Choosing Respite Care Services

By Rick Cohen, 8:00 am on

Respite care services can give a family caregiver a much needed break, while ensuring that the elderly adult under their care receives all of the attention they need and deserve. Using the respite careservices can be vital for successfully managing and maintaining your role as a caregiver. But how do you go about finding the service that’s right for you? Fortunately, there are several options for part-time respite care in Milwaukee, with each offering advantages and disadvantages.

Friends & Family

One of the easiest places to find respite care services is by enlisting in help from friends and family members. Many caregivers are surprised at how willing people are to help. While a friend or family member could step in for a few hours and watch your loved one while you rest or relax, simply asking for help with errands such as grocery shopping or meal preparation could also give you a bit of extra respite and time to reorganize.

Home Care Agencies

Milwaukee home care agencies are designed to limit the need to exhaustively screen a number of independent contractors. Home Care Assistance of Milwaukee, for example, maintains high standards for the caregivers we employ and do thorough background and reference checks. One of the major benefits of working with an agency as opposed to hiring a caregiver privately is the ability to secure back-up services should a regular provider call in sick, as well as on-going care management so that the family is never responsible for overseeing or training the caregiver.

Adult Day Care Agencies

Adult day care is one option for families looking for respite. Seniors can go to a facility and interact with other seniors, while under the supervision of an adult day care employee. While this option provides family caregivers with some time off, adult day care centers typically only have limited hours, with some even closed on the weekends. Adult day care agencies are also not good options for seniors who need more than supervision, such as help with incontinence, mobility or those who are living with an advanced condition such as dementia, as there may not be enough staff to provide one-to-one attention.

Referral Services

Local or online referral services can help match you up with agencies and professionals who are best-suited to your current needs. Some of the top referral services can even assist you in determining which portion of the necessary care must be paid out-of-pocket. They can also describe some of the traditional funding sources for respite care.

What You Should Do

Families can get the best results from these services by sharing as much helpful information with their providers as they can. For instance, you can create lists of your loved one’s daily schedule, likes and dislikes and preferred routines. It is also a good idea to evaluate your provider frequently by observing your senior family member prior to and after care and asking for written reports after each visit.

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