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Senior Fitness: Top Choices for Exercise Equipment

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

Routine exercise helps seniors maintain their health, strength, and mobility. While getting out of the home to work out can be challenging, especially during the winter months, there is plenty of indoor fitness equipment that seniors can use to stay active. Following are four pieces of equipment that are worth investing in, suggested by Milwaukee Home Care Assistance.

Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes provide excellent cardiovascular exercise without the need to brave the dangers of the open road. The best of these machines can track the user’s heart rate, distance, and calories burned, among other things. They’re stable, easy to use, and have a number of settings for varying levels of fitness. Seniors can also increase the resistance on these units for greater toning and overall muscle conditioning. Recumbent bikes with back support are even safe for use among aging adults with moderate knee and back problems.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are an excellent addition to a home gym given that they challenge and condition the entire body without placing any stress on the joints and bones. At this stage of life, low-impact and non-impact activities are often ideal. Moreover, rowing machines strengthen and tone the core muscles, which will in turn reduce the amount of stress and pressure that seniors are placing on their spines while engaging in everyday activities.

Stability Balls

Also known as yoga balls, stability balls make it possible for seniors to complete abdominal exercises without placing an undue amount of stress on the neck or back. Given that the core muscles both support and oppose the spine, this is one of the most important muscle groups to include in a regular fitness routine. Seniors can use their stability balls to perform crunches, sit-ups, and even lower back exercises, without having to lie prone.

Resistance Bands

Strength-building exercises do not have to involve heavy hand weights. Resistance bands can be used to target the inner thighs, the backs of the legs, and the arms without the risk of rotator cuff damage, dropped weights, or other accidents and injuries. These products are relatively low in cost and flexible enough to be used in a broad range of fitness activities.

If your aging relative could use help with daily tasks like exercise, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our friendly and experienced part-time caregivers in Milwaukee can provide mobility assistance, healthy meal preparation, and companionship on an as-needed basis. To learn more, call (262) 782-3383 and speak with a friendly Care Manager today.

Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors