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Your Loved One Retired, Now What?

By Rick Cohen, 8:00 am on

Retirement can be a difficult time of life for many elderly people. This transition is not always smooth, especially if there are financial concerns or a lack of social support. The following tips can help your senior loved one adjust to the lifestyle changes retirement brings and find news ways to feel fulfilled.

Develop Friendships
Most people tend to have fewer friends as they get older, in large part because their social network is reduced by losing touch with work friends. Elderly people can avoid the loneliness and isolation that sometimes accompanies retirement by meeting up with old friends weekly and making new friendships by attending crafting classes, volunteering, and staying active in the community.

Address Feelings of Guilt
It’s very common for elderly people to feel guilty about no longer being productive. Caregivers in Milwaukee can help with these feelings by letting seniors know that it’s okay to have nothing planned and just enjoying less productive days.

Financial Planning
Many retirees are not prepared for retirement financially, and many elderly people who thought they were prepared find themselves running out of money. Caregivers and adult children can make retirement less stressful by working with the senior to prepare a financial plan, meet with a financial planner, or even by encouraging part-time work if possible.

Start a Business
A great way for seniors to find fulfillment during retirement is realizing a common dream of starting a business. This does not need to be expensive or time-intensive, as many elderly people earn extra spending money during retirement by starting a home business, such as preparing floral arrangements or crafting.

Staying Active
It can be very easy to fall into a rut during retirement, especially for seniors who live alone. Staying active and involved in the community is important not only for mental health but also physical wellbeing. There are many ways for elderly people to stay active during retirement, such as a senior citizen membership at a gym, swimming classes, walking clubs, and classes at the local senior center.

Most of us can’t wait for retirement, but don’t really stop to think about how retiring will affect our lifestyle. If you’re worried your senior loved one isn’t adjusting to the influx of free time, call Home Care Assistance of Milwaukee at (262) 782-3383. Our trusted caregivers can provide transportation to social events, promote physical activity, and offer companionship. Request a complimentary in-home consultation and find the care your loved one needs to enjoy retirement to the fullest.

Helping Elderly Adjust to Retirement