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Senior Safety: 5 Warning Signs of Abuse

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

As a leading elder care agency in Milwaukee, senior health and safety are our top priorities. Unfortunately, many seniors become the object of elder abuse and suffer mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. Being mindful of the following signs of elder abuse will help you keep your aging parent to loved one safe, happy, and healthy.

1. Unexplained Injuries

Whenever you visit your elderly relative, check for signs of unexplained injuries like an uncommon amount of bruising on his or her body or bruises your loved one can’t explain. Any unexplained broken bones, or an explanation that seems fishy, should also raise alarm. 

2. Paranoid Behavior

If your senior loved one is being abused, he or she might appear unusually paranoid. He or she may display signs of bizarre behavior such as a refusal to leave home. Your relative may also become distrustful of you and other people. 

3. Changes in Personality

If your senior relative has always had a positive outlook on life but has begun viewing everything through a negative lens or has gone from mild mannered to easily incensed, don’t write it off as an age-related change. If your elderly loved one’s personality has changed, he or she might be experiencing abuse.

4. Unusual Weight Loss

Has your senior relative lost a lot of weight in a short period of time? Unexplained weight loss might mean your loved one isn’t being fed properly. If your loved one is being abused, his or her appetite may also be negatively affected.

5. Strange Withdrawals from Bank Accounts

If you’re concerned about the possibility of elder abuse, pay close attention to your loved one’s bank accounts. Strange account activity, like a withdrawal from an ATM you know your relative couldn’t have physically completed or large withdrawals of cash, could indicate elder abuse.

The first step in preventing elder abuse is finding a Milwaukee home care agency you and your loved one can trust. At Home Care Assistance, we conduct extensive background checks, provide ongoing training in the best senior care practices, and ensure every Milwaukee caregiver is licensed, bonded, and insured. To learn more about our caregivers and care services, please call a friendly Care Manager at (262) 782-3383. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and schedule a free in-home consultation.

5 Warning Signs of Elder Abuse