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Helping Your Adult Children Accept Your Decision to Downsize

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

You may be surprised by the amount of opposition you encounter when choosing to downsize. In many instances, parting with their childhood homes can make adult children act downright childish. The good news is that there are many things you can do to ease them through this process and get them on board with your plans. Here are a few suggestions from Milwaukee elder care professionals.

Be Upfront About Your Needs and Abilities

You shouldn’t wait until the last minute to talk with your adult children about your decision to downsize. This is a great time to catch people up on any changes in your health and abilities. More often than not, simply listing the reasons why downsizing is the best decision for you can make this choice a lot easier to accept.

Share Images of Your New Space

Your family members may be more concerned with your future wellbeing than they are with the loss of the family property. You can allay these fears by sharing any photos of your new space that you have on hand. Seeing your excitement could be enough to help your adult children move past their own reservations.

Help Kids Decide Which Mementos They Want to Keep

Encourage your kids to make lists of the household items they want to keep. Let them know which items you’ll be taking with you and which items you intend to donate if no one claims them. Having a solid plan and keeping things moving forward at a steady pace will help people quickly come to terms with the forthcoming change.

Host a Packing Party

Pare down your labor and give everyone some additional time to spend in the family home by hosting a packing party. This is a great opportunity to start sending people out the door with the items they wish to keep. You can even host a simple, casual dinner to wrap things up by ordering in or inviting people to bring a dish.

Stand Firm

Many aging adults find that they constantly have to justify their decisions. If you’ve determined that this is the right move for you, give people a chance to express their opinions while remaining steadfast in your resolve. Adult children have the time and ability to establish family homes of their own that are rich with their own memories. Remind your kids of this fact and then give them as much time as they need to accept this change while you keep pushing towards your downsizing goals.

Many seniors choose to downsize to make everyday living easier. If this sounds like you, know that additional help and support is available. Home Care Assistance offers live-in, part-time, and respite care Milwaukee families trust, and our caregivers can help you with a number of activities, from preparing meals to running errands. For more information, please call a friendly Care Manager today at (262) 782-3383.

How to Get Adult Children On Board with Downsizing