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Alzheimer’s – The Benefits of Early Detection and Treatment

By Rick Cohen, 6:18 pm on

An Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be stressful and frightening for a recipient and their family. Unfortunately, because of the strong emotional feelings attached to this illness, many people prefer to avoid medical interventions if they begin to experience memory lapses or other symptoms that may be related to Alzheimer’s. If you or an aging loved one are experiencing confusion, excessive irritability or memory lapses, it is important to seek help immediately as there are many benefits to early detection and intervention.

When an individual begins to experience loss of memory, they often assume a certain fate. While Alzheimer’s is one form of dementia, it is not the only possibility when confusion or memory lapses are present. Undiagnosed diabetes, alcoholism, depression, urinary tract infections, some medications, hormonal imbalances and vascular concerns can all cause symptoms of cognitive decline, and many of these conditions are treatable or even reversible. Early diagnostic testing helps individuals to understand the root cause of their memory decline and receive appropriate treatments that might help to reverse symptoms.

Even for cases where cognitive deficits are caused by Alzheimer’s disease, there are still advantages in seeking out a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.Medical advances happen frequently in this area, and today, medications and therapeutic interventions exist that can slow the course of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Many of these medications are most effective when treatment begins in the earliest stages of cognitive decline. Early detection also gives an individual the opportunity to seek out support systems, express wishes, begin planning and handle legal or financial issues while cognitive functioning is still intact. Click here for more information about specialty in-home Alzheimer’s care in Milwaukee.

Early detection of a medical condition is beneficial and empowering. If you are suffering memory impairment, visit with a medical professional for important testing and treatment today. You can also reach out to Home Care Assistance of Milwaukee at 414-964-8000 for information about in-home senior help, Alzheimer’s care, senior health, wellness and more.

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The Importance of Early Alzheimer's Detection & Treatment