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3 Considerations for Families Coping with Dementia during the Holidays

By Rick Cohen, 10:01 pm on

If your family is caring for a loved one with dementia, the magic of the holidays can sometimes disappear, and feelings of frustration can enter the picture. However, it is possible to enjoy this time of year if you keep in mind the struggles your loved one is facing, while planning ahead and focusing on the positive.

Here are a few tips for surviving the holidays while being a dementia caregiver, presented by Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of home care in Milwaukee:

  1. Keep your daily routines as normal as possible.Seniors with dementia can become uncomfortable, confused and agitated when eating, sleeping and other regular routines are disrupted. As much as possible, stick to your loved one’s normal schedule, and remain in familiar surroundings. Consider inviting your family and friends to your home to celebrate, ensuring your loved one can retire to his or her own room should they become overwhelmed.
  1. Use caution when decorating your home. For a loved one with dementia, holiday decorations, lights and sounds can pose safety hazards and cause over stimulation. Try to keep your decorations limited to certain parts of the home that your loved one can easily walk away from if necessary. Also use caution if your decorations include candles or cords to prevent fire, tripping and strangulation hazards. Consider using child proofing supplies purchased at a local hardware store to help keep your home safe while still enjoying the festivities of the holidays.  
  1. Have a plan in place if you are traveling. Traveling to a new home with unfamiliar people can be uncomfortable and dangerous for a loved one with dementia. Transport by car or air is also often stressful. Discuss your loved one’s needs with the hosting family before you visit so safety measures can be put in place in the new house and a comfortable room is ready for your loved one upon arrival. Another option is to consider using live-in care in Milwaukee, so your loved one can safely enjoy the comforts of home under the supervision of a trained caregiver while you travel.

During the holidays, keep your loved one with dementia safe and comfortable by planning ahead. Doing so will help you both to enjoy this special time of year that much more.

If you feel that you could use a helping hand as you tackle new holiday responsibilities, reach out to Home Care Assistance today. We offer in-home dementia care in Milwaukee and have a team of expertly trained caregivers who specialize in how to care for older adults with dementia. With our compassionate caregivers and Care Managers by your side, we can help relieve the burden of caregiving so you, your loved one, and your family can enjoy the magic of the holidays. Call 414-964-8000 to request more information or a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

3 Holiday Considerations for Families of Dementia Patients