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Helping Families Deal with Terminal Illness

By Rick Cohen, 5:34 pm on

The discovery that a loved one has a terminal illness can be devastating for the entire family. This is especially true when the loved one is a close family member such as a parent. Although it is true that a terminal diagnosis will be accompanied by a wide range of emotions and a change in the family dynamics, it is comforting to know that most families will bond during this time and emerge stronger from the challenges they face.

Home Care Assistance of Milwaukee offers some insight into the grieving process and what families can do to ensure the wishes, comfort and happiness of their aging parent or loved one.

  • Coping with Emotions – Family members of a loved one with a terminal illness will typically go through a grieving process that begins with a crisis stage in which a person may feel anxious or overwhelmed by the news. Slowly, the family will begin to unite so that they can work together to care for their loved one. Those who take on the highest burden of care may also feel overwhelmed, frustrated and even guilty regarding the changes that occur in their daily routine. Eventually, however, those who seek support and choose to focus on the positive aspects of their new life as a family will find acceptance regarding their loved one’s diagnosis.
  • Planning for the Future – After the initial shock of the diagnosis begins to fade, many families find it reassuring to know what to expect as their loved one’s health declines. If the loved one is early in the stages of their illness, then they may find peace from helping to plan their future. Talking about the types of assistance they may need throughout each stage of their illness and setting a plan into motion can allow everyone to focus on bonding with their loved one while knowing the right decisions have already been made. In fact, many families utilize hospice support in Milwaukee, a type of in-home care designed specifically to assist seniors with physical and emotional end-of-life care needs.
  • Embracing the New Reality – It is true that life as a family will never be exactly the same again. Yet, it is important to focus on moving past the sense of loss and forward into a stronger relationship. In every crisis, there is always an opportunity to grow in response to the new challenges. Take this time to let go of negative feelings and behavior patterns from the past and renew your relationships as a family. Together, it is possible to accept this new stage of life while providing the best care possible to keep a terminally ill loved one comfortable.

For more information about in-home senior care in Milwaukee, reach out to Home Care Assistance today. We are advocates for our senior clients and want to act as a resource and support system for their families during this difficult time. Simply dial 414-964-8000 and speak with a devoted and friendly Care Manager today.


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Tips for How to Cope with a Loved One's Terminal Illness