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Common Elderly Injuries and How to Prevent Them

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

It is hard to miss the effects of aging on our bodies, and although most changes aren’t cause for concern, some changes make older adults more prone to accidents. Read on to learn more about common injuries among the elderly and tips to help you protect your loved one.


Falls are the leading injury among seniors. The elderly are prone to fall-related injuries due to decreased vision, muscle and joint deterioration, and diminished balance. In-home caregivers can reduce the risk of falling by taking these precautions:

  • Install grab bars and non-slip bathmats in the bathroom
  • Make sure there is adequate lighting along stairs and going from the bed to the bathroom
  • Remove throw rugs and keep pathways clear
  • Encourage physical activity that increases strength and improves balance


Our ability to sense temperature decreases with age, making older adults more prone to burns and scalds from hot water. You can reduce the chances of an injury by installing a temperature-activated flow reducer on your loved one’s shower. The device automatically slows the water flow if the water becomes too hot.

Medication Mishaps

Older adults typically take multiple medications throughout the day. This increases the chances of taking an incorrect dose, which can result in serious injury. Hourly caregivers can provide medication reminders and monitor seniors for side effects, or you can look into automated medication dispensers that send alerts to you or your loved one when it is time for medication or if a dose is missed.

Automobile Accidents

Decreased vision and slower reflexes make the elderly more prone to serious car accidents than other age groups. You can help keep your loved one safe by observing driving habits frequently, encouraging regular eye exams, or arranging for other modes of transportation.

If your senior loved one lives alone and you’re concerned about his or her safety, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Milwaukee. Our highly trained caregivers can provide transportation, run errands, grocery shop, cooking, perform basic housework, offer medication reminders, and provide companionship among other things. To learn more about our care services, call our office at (262) 782-3383 and speak with a friendly Care Manager today.

Injuries Common Among Seniors