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How Family Caregivers Can Avoid Holiday Stress

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

Many people view the holidays as the perfect opportunity to share quality time with family and friends, but for Milwaukee caregivers, all the festivities can add extra stress to an already demanding situation. If just thinking about holiday shopping, decorating and gift-wrapping makes you feel anxious, these five tips can help you keep stress levels under control.

1. Make Self-Care Your Top Priority

Whether it’s a daily exercise program or a weekly trip to the nail salon, don’t let a hectic holiday schedule force you to cancel the things that keep you going. When the wellbeing of a loved one depends on your care, it’s not selfish to do everything you can to ensure you’re up for the job.

2. Identify Your Stress-Triggers

Learning to recognize which holiday issues cause you the most worry can help you avoid unnecessary stress. Pay attention to any changes in your mood, mental focus, or energy levels so that you can easily identify when stress is gaining the upper hand.

3. Simplify Holiday Preparations

As a family caregiver, you’re rarely off the clock, so don’t load up your busy schedule with too many extra holiday chores. Give yourself permission to trim down your to-do list by cutting back on decorations, gift-giving, or holiday parties.

4. Change Your Expectations

It’s hard to live up to everyone’s expectations when holidays revolve around observing the same customs and celebrations each year, but you can make the season less stressful without making major changes. For example, instead of preparing a large holiday on your own, turn your traditional family dinner into a potluck.

5. Ask for Assistance

From getting help with household chores to hiring a home care agency in Milwaukee, there’s a variety of ways that others can help make the holidays a more enjoyable and less stressful experience for you and your loved one. Don’t deny the people who care for you the opportunity to help.

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5 Ways Caregivers Can Manage Holiday Stress