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The Biggest Threats to Senior Memory & Brain Power

By Rick Cohen, 8:00 am on

Seniors will occasionally forget where they left their keys or glasses and may sometimes have a difficult time remembering the details of a conversation. But before you attribute your loved one’s memory loss to a condition like dementia or Alzheimer’s, Milwaukee in-home care provider, Home Care Assistance, shares some of the other common threats to senior memory.

  1. Medications – Many medications prescribed to seniors, including popular drugs for treating high cholesterol and blood pressure, are notorious for causing memory problems and cognitive impairment. Seniors who take multiple medications are also at risk for memory loss as the result of bad medication interactions. A pharmacist can review your loved one’s medication list and suggest alternatives to promote overall brain functioning.
  2. B Vitamin Deficiency – As individuals age, it is more difficult for their digestive tracts to absorb B vitamins from food. Minor deficiencies in B vitamins can cause some cognitive impairment, and severe deficiencies can cause dementia-like symptoms. B vitamins can be taken as sublingual drops, placed under the tongue, or they can be administered by injection.
  3. Depression – The senior population is at the highest risk of developing depression as the result of major lifestyle changes like the loss of loved ones, fewer social interactions, and changes in health and wellness. Untreated depression can cause memory loss, difficulty in making decisions, and mild cognitive impairment.
  4. Cardiovascular Disease – Cognitive impairment is often a side effect of cardiovascular disease because it impairs circulation to all parts of the body, and a brain starved of blood does not perform well. Seniors should undertake lifestyle changes, such as exercising daily and following a heart/brain-healthy diet like the Mediterranean diet, to reverse the effects of cardiovascular disease.

There are several common, reversible causes of memory loss and cognitive impairment in older adults that should be considered before a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Meeting with your loved one’s doctor and discussing your concerns can help pinpoint the problem so the appropriate level of care can be provided.

Care for Older Adults with Memory Loss

If your parent or loved one is diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, learn more about the in-home care programs available nearest you. With dementia and Alzheimer’s home care in Milwaukee, from reliable senior care agencies like Home Care Assistance, your loved one can remain in the comfort of home, while receiving the high level of care he or she deserves.

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The Biggest Threats to Memory & Brain Power as You Age