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Senior Health: Benefits of Regular Massage

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

Although massages are often saved for a special occasion, if your senior loved one can afford even a short massage on a regular basis the Milwaukee senior home care professionals at Home Care Assistance recommend it for the following health benefits.

Increased Range of Motion

Senior adults with arthritis and other health conditions that cause muscle and joint stiffness find that regular massages can help increase flexibility and range of motion. During a massage, therapists who specialize in senior care can apply gentle pressure to the muscles and tendons surrounding knees, wrists, and other joints commonly affected by stiffness and pain.

Improved Strength and Muscle Coordination

Many seniors experience difficulties in exercising certain muscle groups due to changes in their health and physical ability. A therapeutic massage can target these muscles and provide stimulation that is especially beneficial for seniors who have experienced prolonged times confined to a bed. Over time, seniors who receive massages find that they enjoy greater strength and vitality following their sessions.

Enhanced Pain Management

The soothing effects of touch can have a profound effect on pain management. Throughout the massage, a therapist will identify which areas experience pain during movement and periods of rest. Then, special techniques are used to alleviate the strain on these areas so that a senior may enjoy longer periods of reduced pain.

Greater Stress Relief and Relaxation

The combination of pain relief and personal attention has a calming effect on seniors that can improve their daily lives as well as their ability to handle stressful situations such as a medical procedure. Seniors with Alzheimer’s often experience reduced periods of agitation following a massage.

Stronger Immune System

Regular massages help increase the blood flow throughout the body while stimulating the lymphatic system. This improved circulation will not only provide a boost to the immune system, but it also can help seniors heal faster after a recent injury or surgery.

Better Cognitive Functioning

The benefits of massage extend beyond just physical health. Following a massage, seniors experience higher levels of cognitive functioning due to the stimulation they’ve received. The increased circulation helps get oxygen to the brain and can provide a mental boost.

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How Seniors Can Benefit from Regular Massage