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Alzheimer’s Care

Brookfield’s Trusted Choice for Alzheimer’s Care

After a senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, one of the most important things for a family to do is find reliable home care. With the right level of support, seniors often experience a slowdown in cognitive decline and can maintain a higher quality of life. The family also benefits by reducing the burden Alzheimer’s disease often causes and by maintaining a more positive relationship with their aging loved one. Home Care Assistance of Brookfield, WI, is a professional home care provider offering reliable assistance to seniors with Alzheimer’s. Our experienced and caring Alzheimer’s caregivers make it possible for seniors at every stage of the disease to safely and comfortably age in place.

Alzheimer’s Caregivers Simplify Day-to-Day Life

Alzheimer’s affects day-to-day living and can make it difficult to complete even seemingly simple tasks independently. When a senior cannot bathe, get dressed, prepare a meal, or maintain a clean home, mental and physical health may decrease quickly. Brookfield Home Care Assistance’s individualized Alzheimer’s care plans address the exact needs of seniors with Alzheimer’s as the disease progresses. Our Alzheimer’s caregivers assist with everyday tasks while also encouraging and empowering seniors to maintain their highest level of independence. This approach makes the disease easier to manage and increases the likelihood that a senior can safely remain at home for longer.

Flexible Alzheimer’s Care Helps Manage Sundowning and Other Symptoms

Throughout the course of the disease, seniors sometimes experience symptoms such as sundowner’s syndrome. This late-day disorientation often causes anxiety and restlessness and makes it difficult to effectively meet the senior’s needs. Home Care Assistance Brookfield offers flexible scheduling that makes it possible for families to manage sundowner’s and prevent the negative responses that are common with this condition. Our Alzheimer’s caregivers are available when you need them most, whether it’s around the clock, evenings, or for overnight care. While in the home, they implement effective approaches that minimize negative feelings and behaviors, including:

  • Establishing routines
  • Watching for behavior patterns
  • Using positive reinforcement
  • Creating a calm, soothing environment
  • Providing appropriate stimulation with programs like the scientifically endorsed Cognitive Therapeutics Method™

If your family is faced with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, hope is close at hand. Home Care Assistance in Brookfield is here to assist with reliable in-home Alzheimer’s care that creates a safer, more comfortable home environment for your loved one. To learn more about our premier Alzheimer’s and dementia care, call (262) 782-3383 to speak with a compassionate Care Manager and request your complimentary, no-obligation evaluation.

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