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5 Fun Ways for the Elderly to Strengthen Their Arms

By Rick Cohen, 9:00 am on

As they progress in age, seniors may experience weakened arms due to loss of muscles. As a caregiver, you can assist your senior loved one in performing one or more of the following arm-strengthening activities, as suggested by the Milwaukee senior care experts at Home Care Assistance.

1. Gardening

Pulling the water hose, hoeing out the weeds, and picking ripe fruit and vegetables all require different arm muscles. Seniors often have so much fun watching their plants grow they may not realize their arm muscles are being strengthened in the process.

2. Swimming

Many seniors enjoy spending time in the pool. Lap swimming can help maintain flexibility in the arms. The buoyancy of the water supports aching muscles. Alternatively, you can encourage your loved one to join a water exercise class for seniors.

3. Horseback Riding

Many seniors enjoy exploring nearby trails while horseback riding. This is a fun exercise for the arms because of the constant pressure. If possible, encourage your loved one to take care of the horse, as this activity uses different muscles and can provide a great workout.

4. Dancing

Dancing is another way to exercise the arms. Tango and other dance moves can help regain, build, and retain arm strength in seniors.

5. Fishing

Load up a rod and reel and go fishing with your aging loved one. Let him or her carry the equipment to a favorite fishing spot, as it is a great exercise for the arms. Casting encourages your loved one to use a different set of muscles. The reward is a great fish fry and increased arm muscle strength.

As a family member, you may not have the time to engage your loved one in strength-building activities. In such cases, you may want to hire professional hourly care from Home Care Assistance. Our professional caregivers can assist and encourage seniors in different outdoor activities to help uplift their spirits, health, and wellbeing, and we also offer comprehensive Parkinson’s, stroke, and Alzheimer’s home care. Milwaukee families can call us today at (262) 782-3383 to create a custom outdoor senior care plan for their loved ones.

5 Fun Activities to Strengthen a Senior’s Arms